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- Some Shipping Cost are Quoted: "0" (Zero) ? (for Domestic or International Quotes)

Shipping Warehouses: (Please do not send mail at this Locations).


We continue to expand our distribution network to more markets around the world in order to get our customers the products they need as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Export Services Our System provides a full-service package through export services to customers located outside North America. Our sales representatives are dedicated to serving customers in every geographic region, worldwide.

Our Shipping Offices are located in USA and Europe.
Based in your Country you can select the shipping point to reduce the costs for freight, Land, Air o Sea

Our company brings its expertise in distribution to Europe, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America, Canada and Mexico to help customers quickly and easily locate the products they need to run their operations smoothly.

Fulfillment Centers:


To U.S. Government, Military, Embassies & Consulates

We offer full service and support to the U.S. government worldwide. When you are Deployed We go with you!

Please note that our prices are ExWorks.

Shipping Cost are Quoted: "0" (cero). (International orders) More Information click here!

Since freight companies base their shipping charges on actual and/or dimensional weight of the package and this information becomes available only when the order is packed and ready to ship, the shipping cost must be calculated when the order is ready to ship. Shipping fees are estimated, Exact shipping fees are unknown until the order has been processed and its pack and ready to ship.

We will verify with freight companies and adjusted the shipping charges based on the costless quotation. If is any difference we will email you a corrected, invoice/quotation for your verification and approval.
Shipping Charges:

Estimated Shipping Cost: fees are based on the actual and/or dimensional weight of the package, ship method and published carrier rates. Rates shown here (Online order) may be different than the actual charges for your shipment. Differences may occur based on actual weight, dimensions, and other factors. Exact shipping fees are estimated and unknown until the order has been processed. Please note that when we receive your order and process, we will verify with freight companies and adjusted the shipping charges based on the costless quotation. If is any difference we will email you a corrected invoice/quotation for your verification and approval. Click Here! for More Information.

Export Steps:

Damage or Losses

We advise that you unpack and inspect all merchandise immediately upon receiving it.


If SEAL "" is Broken Check Content before accepting (Please check the email address that was submitted with the order for more information) Our merchandise is carefully packed for shipment by our distribution centers, or is prepackaged by our suppliers in compliance with carrier requirements. In the event an item is damaged in transit, you must submit a claim to the carrier within 24 hours of delivery "Take Picture to Document the Damages". We advise that you unpack and inspect all merchandise immediately upon receiving it. If damage does not become apparent until the shipment is unpacked, make a request within 24 hours for inspection by the carrier's agent and file with the carrier. Any external evidence of loss or damage must be noted on the freight bill or carrier's receipt and signed by the carrier's agent. Failure to do this will result in the carrier refusing to honor the claim. For your protection, our billings include insurance for damage or loss in transit.

All shipments are insured with the carrier. If you receive a damaged or incomplete shipment, please "Take Picture to Document the Damages", notify the driver immediately and file a claim with the shipping company within 24 hours. Please notify our staff once you receive approval from the shipping company.

US Government Choose from the following freight options:

Freight Information transit Estimated times:

Your shipping charges are for land freight only (from factory to port of export. You can either have your carrier pick up your merchandise at our warehouse, we can ship the items collect using your own account or you can prepaid in this case we will check with three freight companies and adjusted the shipping charges based on the costless quotation, it will be billed separated.

Freight Forwarding:


Special packaging may be required for Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods).

Packing Options: We offer different packing options: please contact your sales rep, for pricing information. 

Regular Box


International Air or Sea:

Export Pallet

The different types of Terms of Sale are:

FCA/FOB (Free Carrier/Free on Board):.

CIP/CIF (Carriage Insurance Paid / Cost Insurance and Freight).

CPT/C&F (Carriage Paid To/ Cost & Freight):

(EXW) ExWorks:. "OkSolar Warehouse"

(DDU) Delivered Duty Unpaid:

(DDP) Delivered Duty Paid.

U.S. Department of Commerce Export License

Freight Forward:


Dimensional Weight

If your package has a large size-to-weight ratio, you may need to consider your package's dimensional weight when you calculate your shipping rates.


Learn about Dimensional Weight:

How To Measure the Cubic Size of Your Package


Calculating Dimensional Weight for Domestic Shipments

If you have more than one package to be shipped, consider each package a separate shipment for weight calculation purposes.

Determine the Actual Weight:

Determine Dimensional Weight:

Determine Billable Weight:

Large Package Conditions

Large Package Surcharge:

Calculating Dimensional Weight for International Shipments:

Follow these guidelines to determine your shipping rate:

Determine Actual Weight:

Determine Dimensional Weight:

Canada shipments:

For UPS Standard to Canada shipments:

Determine Billable Weight:


Armed Forces (APO/FPO)US Armed forces


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