Manufacturers Motion Sensor 12V Infrared Human Body detection Sensor Switch
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Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.

Motion Sensor 12V Infrared Human Body detection Sensor Switch

Technical parameters
  • Working temperature:-20-60℃ ● Input:10.5-16V or 21-32V
  • Output:10.5-16V or 21-32V
  • Output:1 Loop
  • Sensing distance: 8 M
  • Sensing angle:60 degree
  • Output current:<6A
  • Delay time::1—10 min(adjustable)

Instructions for use:

1, first connect the load line, connect the power cord; cable before power to ensure that no short circuit between the phenomenon;

2, the controller back with a time setting knob, turn the knob to the switching delay can be set separately off the number of minutes when the detected light load when someone lights up when people leave after a set number of minutes, the load lights automatically turn off.

3, the controller output signal line and input line should be connected correctly.

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