Manufacturers Airport Rotating Beacon L-801
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Shipping Weight: 243 lbs.

Airport rotating beacon Compliances: FAA AC 150/5345-28: L-880 and L-881 Transport Canada Specifications K342 ICAO Annex 14


The Airport Rotating Beacon is used primarily for night operations at airports as an identification and location marker. The dual-light beacon (clear and aviation green lenses) features 150-watt pulse-start lamps and a patented design that makes it maintenance free, except for lamp replacement.


  • ETL Certified
  • FAA Approved: L-801 400W
  • A patented belt-drive system eliminates the lubrication required by conventional gear-drive beacons. U.S. Pat. 5,339,224)
  • A patented liquid-filled lamp connector eliminates the slip rings and brushes found on conventional beacons. (U.S. Pat. 5,816,678)
  • Two 14,000-lumen, 150-watt pulse-start metal-halide lamps
  • Typical lamp life is 12,000 hours (3 years)
  • One clear lens, one aviation green lens
  • NO maintenance except lamp replacement
  • All moving parts are permanently lubricated
  • Impedance-protected motor eliminates burnouts
  • Lamps preset 5 degrees above horizontal, adjustable
  • 12 RPM rotation, 24 flashes/minute
  • Weatherproof steel cabinet, powder-coated international orange
  • Tested to wind velocities of 100 mph
  • Optional photocell and/or tell-tale relay
  • Power consumption: 395W Class I, 795W Class II
  • Manufactured in the USA

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