Manufacturers Aluminum Battery Enclosure White Powder Coated 4 (fours) Battery Group 31.
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Item no.: 7211
Manufactured by

In Stock: Florida USA / Barcelona Spain / Milano Italy / New York USA / Nimes France
Length: 15.4 in.
Width: 16 in.
Height: 32 in.
Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

Aluminum Battery Enclosure White Powder Coated 4 (four) Battery Group 31, Battery Enclosure for Solar Applications, Solar Battery Enclosure Aluminum, Enclosure Wall Pole Mount Nema, Aluminum Battery Enclosure White Powder Coated.

  • Enclosures for Batteries group 31 batteries, NENA 3R/12, Aluminum Exterior, Vertical design on Passive venting with dust filtration pads
  • Electrical knockouts and ground lug hole on rear
  • Rear-top of enclosure ‘hanger’ built in for easy installation onto mounting brackets
  • Vandal resistant mounting brackets and U-bolt sets are sold separately.
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Note: Since these units are custom made, internal and external distribution of components may vary. Pictures are provided to help visualize the final product, but the final product may vary. We will work with your technical department to provide cutting edge technology with the latest technical components.